Friday, January 13, 2012

Is your Woman Fabulous and Classy or a Dose of High Maintenance?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Why do most men, and some women, assume that a well-dressed woman is high maintenance?  Is it a layer of societal misconception by those T.V. reality shows or is it hard for others to measure up to these women, let alone have a relationship with?  Well listen carefully, just because a woman takes care of herself, loves to have a fashion forward sense of style and presents herself with elegance does not qualify her as high maintenance!  Of course, there are women who are most definitely high maintenance, but don’t assume before you judge. 

So, you may ask, what qualifies as high maintenance? 

This is the type of woman who:

·         demands your time, your gifts and your love. (Recognize the key word here, demands, because most women deserve your time, your gifts and your love.  A relationship should not be made up of demands).

·         must hourly touch-up her makeup and hair. (Bathroom breaks every 20 minutes is definitely over the top).

·         carries a purse heavier than a bowling ball, with a change of clothes, a full make-up bag and a hair curling iron, just in case…. (In case of what?  Who knows!)

·         changes her clothing several times a day, for no significant reason.  (There’s a difference between changing your outfit from work to an evening on the town, but remember, it isn’t all about the clothes.)

·         is unable to give away material items she does not use. (Let’s be charitable ladies!  What man is impressed with a closet the size of a bathroom?)

·         talks incessantly about the latest designers, retail therapy and drama, drama, drama!

·         walks into a crowded room and makes a big scene with her loud voice, ear wrenching laughter or over the top superfluous outfit.

·         has a egotistical superiority complex, believes she is the most beautiful woman in the room and won’t let other women forget that!  She may also refuse to associate herself with others unless they will help further her social agenda.  (Don’t be naïve, these women do exist!)

So now you may ask, what qualifies as a classy woman who isn’t high maintenance?

This is the type of woman who:

·         doesn’t take hours to get ready in the morning, because she knows exactly what works with her complexion, her body type and how to create a natural but enticing look.

·         walks into a room without making a big dramatic scene.  She may not be the most beautiful woman, but she embodies an aurora about her which strongly attracts most men because of her gentleness, grace and elegance.

·         rarely needs to touch up her make-up, besides the occassional lip gloss, and she would never make a big scene in public but always excuses herself for the ladies room.

·         does think of others well-being and openly tries to be charitable, kind and forgiving even though she may be misunderstood by others believing she’s “high maintenance”.

·         doesn’t demand attention, she deserves it and embraces it.  (Eventhough this may be hard to do sometimes...)

·         may love designer labels, the latest fashions and wears them with grace and elegance, but she does not obnoxiously display these brands.  (You can’t tell if she’s wearing Rachel Zoe, Elie Tahari or Elle?  Obviously she doesn’t care if you know; she just wants to feel fabulous in what she wears!)

Sauce of Life Tips: 

If she has a prideful air about her clothing, accessories or features then she has failed the test and consider her “high maintenance”, but be careful not to judge on a first glance.  You may be wrong!  

If she walks with firm confidence, without demanding constant attention, and has a side of humility, she is the perfect balance and absolutely... fabulous!

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